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20 of the BEST Harry Potter movie moments


20 years ago today Harry Potter was first published, and the muggeling world was never the same again!

To celebrate 20 years of our favourite wizard, here are our favourite Potter moments (spoiler alert OBVS).

1.When Hagrid comes to rescue Harry

This is the moment when Harry’s magical journey officially begins, and he meets gentle giant, Hagrid.

Its also the hilarious moment when Hagrid scares the bayjesus out of Dudley Dursley , by giving him a pig’s tail.

And of course its where we first hear the infamous line “yer a wizard, Harry!”


2. The wand chooses the wizard

This is the first time Harry uses a wand, as Olivander tries repeatedly to match Harry up with the right one.

After several attempts, the wand does choose the wizard and Olivander finds the match very “curious”.

It is also the first time Harry is made aware of “He who must not be named”, and Harry learns that Voldemort is the one who gave Harry his scar.


3. When Harry first arrives at Hogwarts

It can be a little daunting starting at a new school, especially one with talking pictures, a three-headed dog, and a headless ghost.

So its a good job Harry has a friend in Ron. We just knew that the boys were going to be friends forever after this scene, as Harry defends Ron to Draco Malfoy.

“I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself thanks.” Harry says.

Its also the first time we meet Professor McGonagall.


4. Troll in the Dungeon 

This is the first of many close encounters for the trio.

This scene sees the heroic Ron and Harry bravely risk their lives by going back to rescue Hermione from the Troll.

Ron uses the classic “wingardium leviosa” spell to save all three from danger.


5.Harry’s first Qidditch match

This scene shows Harry’s first ever game of Quidditch.

Where Harry, using his Nimbus 2000 catches the snitch, winning the game Gryffindor and beating their rivals Slytherin.


6.Neville stands up for Gryffindor

In this scene we see Neville Longbottom’s bravery as he stands up against Harry, Ron and Hermione.

He tries to stop the trio leaving the Gryffindor common room, as he knows this will cost Gryffindor house points.

Despite his best efforts, he is frozen by Hermione.

This scene also provides us with Ron’s brilliant line “You’re a little scary sometimes. Brilliant, but scary”.


7. Harry defeats Voldemort for the first time

So Harry has got his hands on the stone, but he now has to defend it to Voldemort and Quirrell.

Quirrell turns to dust when Harry grabs his hand, which is the end for Quirrell, but unfortunately not for Voldemort.

But this is the first time that Harry and Voldemort come face to face since Harry was a baby.


8. Gryffindor wins the House Cup

 Dumbledore awards Harry, Ron and Hermione with house points for their bravery during the year, which means that Gryffindor’s points increase.
But it still leaves Gryffindor short of winning the house cup.
The highlight though has to be when Neville receives his 10 points, taking Gryffindor to glory.
“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.”

9. When Ron arrives to save Harry 

Ron arrives to save his best friend Harry in a flying blue car.

Despite the Dursley’s best efforts to stop Harry escaping out the window, Ron and twin brother’s Fred and George take Harry and owl ,Hedwig, with them.

They then drive through the sky in their rickety blue car and we see the Weasley’s house for the first time.


10. Dobby is freed

Dobby has to be one of the cutest characters in the Harry Potter series.

And this scene melts all our hearts when, after a sly move by Harry, he becomes a free house elf.

“Dobby is free.”

11. The scene shot at the Cliffs of Moher 

Of course we have to feature the scene shot in Ireland in our top 20!

This scene features in The Half-Blood Prince and  depicts Harry and Dumbledore in “The cave”.


12. Harry’s first kiss

Harry’s first kiss was with the lovely Cho Chang.

Cho tells Harry that he is “a really good teacher”.

Then, as if by magic, mistletoe appears above the pair’s heads. How romantic?


13. Ron and Hermoine’s first kiss

To say it was coming for a while is an understatement.

We have to wait until The Deathly Hallows for the pair to get it together.

They finally kiss after they destroy a horcrux.


14. Harry uses the Resurrection Stone

The Deathly Hallows part two shows Harry using the resurrection stone.

This is when Harry discovers that he is one of the horcruxes.


15. Harry’s patronus is a stag

In the prisoner of Azkaban Harry comes to realise that his patronus is quite unique.

And comes in the form of a stag.


16. Dumbledore Vs Voldemort 

This battle is the ultimate Good Vs evil battle, its bigger than Badman Vs The Joker or Superman Vs Luther.

Dumbledore Vs Voldemort!!

And it has to be one of the  most nail-biting events throughout the movies.


17. Snape dies

We spent so long thinking that Snape was on Voldemort’s side, when in actual fact he was a true goodie all along.

Which made his death even more heartbreaking.

“You have your mother’s eyes” he tells Harry with his last breathe.


18. Battle of the Department of Mysteries

Squad unite!

In this scene all of Harry’s squad show their loyalties as they go head to head with Voldemort’s Deatheaters.

You couldn’t ask for a better bunch of mates really?


19. Mrs.Weasley swears!

Possibly one of the greatest movie moments of all times, when the motherly and loving Mrs.Weasley swears!

Being the mother hen that she is , she puts Bellatrix Lestrange in her place!

“Not my daughter you b***h”.


20. Harry and Voldemort’s final battle

Last but not least, the victory finally came, the end was sweet…Harry wins!

Justice is served, and after several battles, Harry overcomes Voldemort once and for all!