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EXCLUSIVE! Morgan Stewart opens up about her new workout wear collection and plans to start a family


You know her best from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, but Morgan Stewart is also a talented designer.

The star has just launched her latest activewear collaboration with Touché LA, and chatted to LAGoss.com about the new collection, her tips for finding confidence and her plans to start a family.

“I felt like I wasn’t finding what I really wanted to work out in stores,” Morgan told us of her decision to start designing activewear. “Everything seemed so generic, heavy, and worst of all basic. I knew I could create something fun and cute that would get people excited.”

Out now: Morgan Stewart has launched her new activewear collaboration with Touché LA | Touché LA

The beauty has recently found herself drawn to bold and bright pieces and wanted that to be reflected in this collaboration.

“I am definitely into colour right now,” she said. “I have never really gone through a phase like this. My eye is just attracted to brightly coloured anything (shoes, tops, bags) and so I definitely wanted to incorporate that into the line. And make a fun fresh summer workout wardrobe that people could take on vacation if they wanted.”

While Morgan seems to ooze confidence in everything she does, she admitted that she has insecurities just like every other woman – although she has some tips for overcoming them.

Bright and bold: The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star wanted to create a colourful collection that was “fun and cute” | Touché LA

“I am insecure at least once, maybe twice, a day everyday. Yes. I think all women feel this way,” she confessed, revealing that “working out consistently and eating well” are her keys to staying sexy.

“I’m glad I seem so confident,” Morgan added. “My advice would be to not sweat the small stuff. Don’t fixate on things you can’t change. And if you can change them make sure you really want to.”

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills aired its last episode in June 2016 after four seasons and two years on air, and the series finale showed the reality star tying the knot with Brendan Fitzpatrick.

Opening up: Morgan also chatted to LAGoss.com about where she finds her confidence and her plans to start a family | Touché LA

The couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary last month, and as for her secret to a happy marriage, Morgan told us, “I think as long as your husband says yes as much as possible, you’ll be good to go.”

Morgan and Brendan are definitely talking about having children, but she revealed that babies are still a little bit down the line for them.

“Starting a family is definitely moving closer to the front go my brain but not quite where it needs to be just yet. I’ve only been 30 for two weeks. Ask me in the middle of 31,” she shared.

Touché LA x Morgan Stewart features sports bras starting at $62 and leggings starting at $92, and is available now. Buy it HERE!