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Taylor Swift in tears as she wins key victory in court battle with radio DJ David Mueller


Taylor Swift was reduced to tears in court yesterday, as she won a key victory in her legal battle with former radio DJ David Mueller, who she claims groped her at at meet-and-greet back in 2013.

The 55-year-old was originally suing the pop star for $3 million, alleging that she cost him his job at radio station KYGO – but his claim was dismissed at a court in Denver on Friday, after Judge William Martinez ruled that Taylor was not liable, as he had not proved she set out to get him fired.

The 27-year-old had countersued David for allegedly groping her while posing for a photo with him and his then girlfriend, and is seeking a symbolic $1 in damages.

On the fifth day of the trial, the pop star’s ex-bodyguard gave evidence, backing her claims by testifying that he saw the DJ reach under her skirt.

Greg Dent said that he “did not see his hand touch her physically”, but “saw his hand under her skirt”.

The alleged assault took place during Taylor’s 2013 Red Tour in Denver, when David, who was then a host on radio station KYGO, had been invited to meet her before the show. Taylor complained to KYGO, and the radio host was fired two days later.

“She reacted, pushed her skirt down and moved over closer to [Mr Mueller’s girlfriend]. So in my opinion, I knew he touched her,” Taylor’s former bodyguard told the court.

He also explained that he did not act because “he didn’t sense danger after he touched her”, but that Taylor later complained and that he confronted David at the event.

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The news comes just one day after Taylor took to the stand in court, describing the assault as a “definite grab. A very long grab.”

When David’s lawyer, Gabriel McFarland, asked why her bodyguard did not interfere, Taylor said, “No-one could have expected this to happen. It had never happened before. It was horrifying and shocking.”

The former radio DJ’s ex-girlfriend Shannon Melcher also testified on Friday, and said that she noticed nothing amiss during their brief meeting, and that they were both rudely escorted out of the arena later that evening.