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WATCH: Glen Hansard reveals why he wouldn’t want an Apollo House movie


Glen Hansard has helped to make a difference in the lives of many homeless people through Apollo House, a building in Dublin that was taken over and turned into a hostel for those without anywhere to sleep.

And following the huge success of the house, a documentary has been made about the incredible story – but the singer is very happy for it to end there.

“No, really the intention was just to get people into shelters,” he told LAgoss.com at Thursday’s Oscar Wilde Awards, where he was performing, when asked his thoughts about a potential movie or TV series about it.

“That was it. And what it became, and what it was perceived as – you know, a bunch of celebrities trying to sell tickets – all that’s just noise. What happened was no homeless people died in Dublin over Christmas. That’s an amazing achievement.

“Also, hostels are now 24 hour access, which they weren’t before … it did change a few things. It changed some policies which really, really needed to be changed.”

Glen described the experience as “the craziest three weeks of his life,” and added that he wants to keep the conversation going – even if that is on a red carpet.

He shared, “It was an incredible chapter of our lives and it was an important thing I feel like for us to do. It’s a tough one to talk about to talk about in such a glamorous situation, but it’s important one too.”