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WATCH: Sue Brierley opens up about Nicole Kidman’s spirituality after the actress played her in Lion


Sue Brierley was delighted when her favourite actress, Nicole Kidman, was cast to play her in Lion.

But she revealed to LAgoss.com that she was even more thrilled when she discovered that the star was very spiritual, much like herself.

The real-life adoptive mother whose son Saroo was the inspiration behind Lion chatted about Nicole at the Australian Oscar Nominees Reception in Beverly Hills on Friday.

“I always had wanted her to be me because she’s my favourite actress of course: Australian, adoptive mother, just so many other things that I admire about her, and that’s because I don’t believe too much of what the media says,” she said.

“But truly when you meet her, she’s really an amazing woman, super intelligent, quite spiritual which really meant that we connected very well.”

Brierley explained that this was crucial to their relationship, adding, “And for me that was the most important thing, that we had a connection and no one could have done it better than her.”

Bonding: Sue Brierley, who Nicole Kidman played in Lion, has opened up about the actress’s spirituality | The Weinstein Company

Nicole went to Catholic school and is still a Roman Catholic, and once revealed that she has practised Transcendental Meditation for many years.

Brierley attended Friday’s event to celebrate Lion alongside her husband John and Saroo, whose book A Long Way Home was adapted into the critically acclaimed movie.

Lion tells the true story of how Saroo found his home in India 25 years after he was accidentally separated from his family as a five-year-old and adopted by a couple in Australia.

The film is up for six Academy Awards on Sunday: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Dev Patel), Best Supporting Actress (Nicole Kidman), Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score and Best Cinematography.